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Pickup Line Comebacks

Hey, how you doing? Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? These are just a few typical pickup lines you hear when you’re getting hit on. But what about the witty comebacks to those? Instead of just walking away, telling them off or throwing a drink in there face, how about using one of these lines?

How Girls Get Ready For a Date

Why do girls take so long getting ready for something like a date? For guys it takes only a few minutes but for girls it feels like forever. But then again, sometimes it’s worth the wait ;)

I have no idea why they take so long…but this is what I think happens. lol. Mind you, some girls don’t take long getting ready but this video is a parody of those that do.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

It’s that song again! The one song every child is addicted to!

This video is just too cute!!! …but maybe I’m a little bias though since it’s my 4 year old cousin but I hope you find this adorable too?!?! It’s funny too because she struggles with the lyrics at the end.

I remember singing Disney songs with actions when I was younger to Aladdin and The Lion King. The funny thing is when you’re younger, you totally don’t understand the meaning of the lyrics or even the plot of the movie but the songs are really catchy!

Dating vs Marriage

The first few months of dating are usually something special. You both do sweet things for each other and want to spend every single second in each others company. Sometimes that suddenly changes when things get too “comfortable” or the act of marriage is involved. Suddenly we forget the real important things and take things for granted. This video demonstrates the concept behind the two - dating and marriage.

Traffic Ticket Excuses

Drivers that get pulled over will often explain to officers the reason for disobeying the law in hopes of getting out of the ticket. Sometimes this works but most times it could just make things worse.

Giving an excuses translates to admitting you were speeding; thus the officer will note this and hinder your chances of appealing it more difficult. The best thing to do is just be polite, say as little as possible, and let the officer do all the talking. You can then just fight the ticket later. 

The video is a parody of some common and some ridiculous traffic ticket excuses.

Movie Title Breakup

Check out this interesting video I stumbled upon yesterday!

A couple dines together and breaks up using the dialogue of only movie titles which I believe the count was 154 movie titles.

The short sketch comes from POYKPAC, an internet sketch group located in New York.

By just watching the video, I can only imagine the amount of time spent writing the script and looking up movie titles/movie posters.

Shit Girls Say to Guys in the Friendzone

Okay ladies and gentlemen, lets talk about a serious issue here. The Friendzone. It’s a place only lonely hearts go to die. Once in, its almost impossible to get out. Let’s give a moment of silence to our fellow brothers (or sisters) who are currently stuck in the friendzone.

What is the friendzone? It refers to the situation in a relationship where one person wants to be romantically involved with the other party but the other party only wants to remain friends.

For some reason you still end up remaining friends even though you know your chances are slim to none. You have the mindset that you can sway them over but evidently that’s not going to happen.

The worst feeling is when they tell you about their significant other/crushes. You basically become a cushion for them to fall on. Its heartbreaking to watch them go for their crush they “think” they are perfect for, but deep down you know the perfect person is you.

There have been many who risked it all by putting it all out on the line and lost friendships BUT there have been a few who have succeeded.

This doesn’t only happen to guys but girls too but this video mainly focuses on the typical phrases heard from girls to guys who are stuck in the friendzone.

I managed to collaborate with the talented Japanese cook Emiiidesu on this project.

Live Your Life - Motivational Video ?

There are times when I feel bored and extremely lazy. Those days I always feel like I wasted the day by just staying at home. When people ask me, “What did you do on the weekend?”, it’s sometimes a little embarrassing saying, “I did absolutely, nothing!”. 

Change starts with you. We only have a small amount of time on this planet so lets take advantage of the short time we have and make the best of it. Go for a run, join a gym, experience nature, learn a new skill, gain some knowledge by reading a book or reading educational articles online, ask out the cute person you noticed at your local coffee shop, volunteer at a charitable organization, anything! Live your life!

This video is very different from my other videos. Most of the time, I just make comedy related shorts/vlogs but I decided to try something new. Something fresh. Something that not only made me feel good but hopefully others will be inspired too. Even if its just one person that I helped them rethink their life choices, then I feel like the video was worth it. 

Forgetting Names

It must happen to you once in a while where you run into someone and they give you a “Hey! Haven’t seen you in a while! How’s it going?”, and yet you have no idea who they are. They sort of look familiar but you just cant quite put your finger on it.

This short was actually inspired by a similar situation that happened to me. A few friends and I went to a restaurant and was greeted by a server who recognized one of my friends and made small chit chat. It wasn’t until he gave us our menus and walked away did my friend pull us all in and whispered that he had no idea who that guy was!

That was when we all suggested ridiculous ways in figuring out the name of this guy without it looking too obvious. We had already tried to use or memory to try to piece who he was and even tried Facebook but no avail. 

The ironic part of the story was after we left the restaurant and found out his name…we went to the restaurant a few months later and forgot his name again! Ha!

Also thanks to my friend Tatusya to allow us to film in his family restaurant Yokozuna. It’s probably the best sushi you’ll taste in Edmonton! 

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Are you one of those people that waits till the last minute to find a gift for someone? Me too. 

During the holiday season, I find it extremely difficult and stressful dealing with the hassles: circling around the parking lot trying to find a spot to park, finding that perfect gift for someone, waiting in the long line ups, overhearing arguments with parents and their children, maneuvering through the crowds of people, and the list goes on and on.

How do you deal with stress…or maybe it doesn’t bother you at all?

Here are just a few tips…which are pretty obvious but nonetheless here they are:

1. Choose a time and day you know there will probably be less people while shopping. Example: Mondays, in the morning, at night, etc.

2. Write a shopping list. Its a lot easier to scan through a list to find the thing you are looking for than to memorize it.

3. Wear comfortable clothes. The last thing you need is sweating in a humongous jacket, surrounded by hundreds of people, with the heat turned up.

4. If you have children, keep them at home or with someone else. The last thing you need to add to your stress level are your children screaming and complaining every few seconds.

Too Much Video Games (Scary Horror Short)

Are you a fan of the horror genre? I actually love watching scary movies - the thrill of not knowing when something or someone is going to “pop” at the screen. The music and sound plays a crucial part in the “jumpyness”. It’s actually the after effect that I hate the most. After watching a scary movie, I become so paranoid and shaky.

Ever since I moved out of my parents place, I actually never watched a horror movie since. It’s just not worth the countless nights not being able to sleep or the running from room to room when lights are turned off before going to bed.

How do you cope after watching a scary movie? Do you sleep like a baby or are you like me where you have to watch a bunch of comedies (Russell Peters Standup Comedy or Rush Hour II) before going to sleep so you can hope to forget about the scary movie?

I however, attempted to create a scary horror short. It’s a lot different from the other genres because you have to set the mood perfect or it won’t get executed well. I tried my best and this is the result.

In the end, I’m not sure if it’s scary or not. Since I wrote the script, filmed it and edited it, I know exactly where the “jumpy” parts are so not scary for me…but maybe its different for first time viewers? Anyways, enjoy!

Donnie Yen vs Bruce Lee

It’s interesting how realistic CG animation can look. Recently, I’ve stumbled upon this amazing martial art combat animated video between Donnie Yen and the legend himself, Bruce Lee. The video is titled “A Warrior’s Dream” and was directed by Li Jin.

How cool would it be to witness something like this for even a moment? Or perhaps Jackie Chan? Jet Li? Andy Lau?

Near Death Experience

It’s scary when it happens to us…sort of like a Final Destination movie. Does your life actually flash before your eyes? Do you see a white tunnel in the distance? I think we’ve all come across some sort of near death experience a few times especially when driving. Here are a few of my close to death situations:

When I was two, I remember sticking a key in the electrical socket. Now maybe that wouldn’t have killed me but it sure as hell hurt as f*ck!

When I was seven, I chocked on a Life Saver (ironically) when no one was around.

Every second day, I would do pushups/situps in my room under my bedroom light. One day, I had to change the lightbulb and couldn’t screw the light fixture back on completely. A week later, I felt lazy and didn’t do my typical pushups/situps. Just then, the light fixture came crashing down onto the floor. 

I was walking in the streets at night with a few friends and noticed a big group in the distance with bats in their hand. We decided to go another route. The next day in the paper, we read that some people had died by guys with bats.

The pedestrian light signalled to proceed but I had a feeling that the car in the distance wasn’t going to stop….and it didn’t. Just flew past the red light.

So if you were on vacation and dreamed just before you went on that the plane was going to explode, would you still take the chance and go on? (Classic scene in Final Destination). 

Problems With Sleeping

There are several negative effects when not receiving the minimum hours of sleep - weight gain, poor nutrition to sleep, increase car accidents, etc.

When we all strive to get the minimum hours, its difficult when a lot of factors decrease those hours such as school, work, extra circular activities, etc.

Here are just a few tips to help sleep easier

Exercise – exercise daily but not too close to bedtime as this can cause insomnia

Modify Your Diet – stay away from caffeine or junk food.

Herbs/Supplements – help to increase melatonin

Sleep in a Dark Room – even the smallest amount of light can disrupt your internal clock

Sleep in a Cool Temperature – studies show that sleeping in a warm area can lead to restless nights

Reserve the Bed for Sleeping – it’s hard to fall asleep if you do other non-sleeping activities on the bed such as watching television, eating, doing homework, etc.

Set a Bedtime Routine – it’s easier to fall asleep when your body is used to a pattern every day.

Avoid Eating Before Bed – eating foods especially high in grains and sugars will raise the blood pressure and delay sleep.

The video however, talks about the pet peeves when sleeping.

Do you ever wake up 5 or 10 minutes before your alarm goes off? Do you try to go back to sleep? I try to but now my mind is anticipating for that startling sound of the alarm and I just end up getting up which makes me tired the entire day because I didn’t receive that 5-10 minutes of extra sleep.